Company History

Fra Production was established by Cavalieri Giuseppe Mignone and Vittoria Cherio in 1962. History tells us the ingenious idea that led to company establishment. One day Cavalier Mignone, decided to apply the food netting manufactured by him and his wife to cope with his arm medication discomfort and inconvenience, which prevented him from carrying out daily activities. His intuition turned into an immediate success: his physician called upon him to furtherly develop the idea, being sure about Cavalier Mignone’s solution effectiveness. This is the way the first tubular elastic netting for dressing retention was designed to ensure patients’ comfort – this is the way Surgifix revolutionized its reference market.
Over the following years, the company progressively widened its product range by adding Singlefix, the ready-for-use finger medication, elastic pants to remedy incontinence issues and for gynaecological use, elastic loops for poultry binding and eco-friendly Ecottonbag bags.
Then, Mrs Adriana Mignone, the founder’s daughter, started managing the company and strengthened Fra Production presence on the international market.
Today, in an interrupted continuity of tradition, the company is managed by Patrick Bosco Mignone, her son, supported by highly experienced talented managers.


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